The whole world functions according to laws of Nature. What is that? That is Shiva. The whole world is moving in an auspicious rhythm of innocence and intelligence. That auspiciousness is divinity. Shiva is harmonious innocence which knows no control.
Shiva reversed is Vashi. Vashi means control. Control is of the mind. Control means two, weakness. One is not doing something naturally but exerting pressure. Often people think they are in control of their lives, their situation. Control is an illusion. Control is a temporary exertion of energy in the mind. That is Vashi.
Shiva is opposite. Shiva is the permanent and eternal source of Energy, the eternal state of Being, the One without a second.
Duality is the cause of fear. That harmonious innocence dissolves duality.
When the moment is whole, complete, then that moment is Divine. In the moment means no regret of the past, no want for the future. Time stops, the mind stops.

with thanks to ravi shankar



"when does a yogi-in-training/photographer find time to blog?" i asked a web savvy friend when he put me onto squarespace. 

"you just have to make it a habit.... like your yoga practice!"  

so in the spirit of experimental fun with good habit forming, this is my way of sharing some of what has truly enriched me and perhaps provoke a thought, an awareness or a question in you.


'When you beautify your mind, you beautify your world. You learn to see differently. In what seemed like dead situations, secret possibilities and invitations begin to open before you. In old suffering that held you long paralysed, you find new keys. When your mind awakens, your life comes alive and the creative adventure of your soul takes off. Passion and compassion become your new companions.'

with thanks to JOHN O'DONOHUE

The Art Of Developing A Beautiful Mind | John O'Donohue